About me

Who am I?

Short version: I am a full-time blogger, a writer, an artist and a creativity and life coach.

What can I do for YOU? I can support you if you:

1. Want to learn how to love yourself and let yourself be loved by other people

2. Feel creatively blocked

3. Need help choosing, focusing on, following and achieving your dreams

4. Want to develop your intuition

5. Want to learn more about weight-loss, controlling your thoughts to become healthier and healthy eating habits

6. Want to incorporate an exercise regimen in your day-to-day life.

You can always contact me by leaving a comment or using the contact form if you want to ask me something, tell me which topics interest you most and want to know more about or if you just want to say hi.

Why should you listen to me? When you have life problems, you should go to someone who has already been through what you are going or has the capacity to listen to you and help you get to a state where you feel powerful enough to cope with your situation. This is where I can help. Because I am kind, upbeat and positive and this is really easy to feel once you connect with me. I am free-spirited, I have learned a lot through life, I have a strong intuition and empowering women is my life’s work.

Dot version: 

  • Full-time blogger
  • Writer
  • Artist
  • Curious soul
  • In love with a perfect Taurus man
  • Love reminding women of their goddess nature
  • Nerdy – I love books, languages and reading new research data
  • Quirky – I love making people’s lives more joyful, sometimes I do stupid things while trying
  • I love nature and flower garlands
  • I love fashion
  • I love growing and evolving

Official and long version (prepare a cup of tea): I am a full-time blogger and goddess with purpose to guide. I have gathered a circle of like-minded women around me. My mission is to help women transform their lives and achieve what they truly deserve – a life woven by miracles and self-love. I am a writer, an artist and a creator of my own life. And a human being with all its flaws. My purpose is to show that everything that I had achieved and will achieve is possible. You can do it, too.

Some dreams that have come true: I fell in love at first sight last year – he has been my magic, my support, my proof that everything my heart desires can be achieved. He has been my teacher, my student, my guide, my partner, my friend, my lover, my everything.

I started leading women circles. This was a dream so distant, that I thought it would be impossible to help REAL people face to face – but it is possible and it is magical, it is sacred and most of all – it is my life purpose.

I travelled abroad in France, Austria, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Holland and there are a lot more places that I would love to go. My biggest dreams are to visit: Machu Picchu, Japan, China and somewhere that I can study an ancient tradition in depth.

In short: I am turning my dream life into a reality! Here is my dream-list.

At one point I became very organized – before that I was the laziest person alive, skilled mostly at reading books and devouring like a zombie almost everything on the Internet. What changed, you might ask? I went to university. First, I enrolled in the Classics program (again a dream of mine) which included learning Ancient Greek and Latin and lots of history, archaeology and other interesting things. Second, I graduated with excellent grades and a huge amount of effort as a major in Public Administration. I loved it but it was one of the hardest things I’ve done – it differed so much from my true calling,  yet I had learned so much from it and from my great professors. I am very proud of this achievement and I will cherish the person I have become because of it.

Learning things the hard way only made me realize who I really am and where my true power lies. And my true power is in helping people.

So, I decided to study Psychology and Family counselling  adding to my academic experience all those other lessons, mastered through personal development and experience. Everything that I write is not part of my therapeutic studies. It is sharing what I have learned along the way and my studies just give me a few more arguments to support it.

The fact that I started studying what I truly love is one more proof for me that we can create everything that we want and I am building even a stronger foundation so that I can help others better. My other power is creating, so here I would like to join these two in a single and beautiful creative space. A place which I hope will be as helpful as possible to you and your goals.

I will try to write everything that I wished somebody had told me when I was in the deep. When I felt that I will never see the light again, when I felt as if I am in the midst of a dark, squashy, glutinous lake and I will never get to the shining shore. I know those feelings and I am here to give you my hand and help you out as much as I can.

I had a successful blog with lots of readers in my native language, but I want to help even further.

I grew as a person because of one sentence: “This is not who I am, so it is time to change”. I changed because of everything that I tried, let go of and transformed. I try to live my life being true to myself, to my intuition, to my heart. And truth makes me happier, makes me lighter and makes my soul sing. Discovering who I am and evolving into the person I was meant to be is the whole purpose of my life. Being happy is what life is all about and I try to live accordingly, because Joy is my highest calling. And so is yours, so let’s spread our wings and connect: soul-to-soul and heart-to-heart. Let’s be who we truly are and live a life of creativity, happiness and vividness!

A few answers to questions I have often received.

Where are you from? Sofia, Bulgaria.

Star sign:  Cancer – filled with fears, but with a good and gentle heart. Curiosity is also an important characteristic of mine. I am a Snake according to the Chinese zodiac. And a Woodpecker according to the Native American one.

Religious beliefs: Spirituality – everything that makes my heart sing and my life beautiful is included in here. Buddhism as a gentle path, letting go and being in the Now; New Age thinking mostly for the belief that you create your own reality and that you are responsible for everything in your life; I am a healer and I like connecting to the Earth, so Native American and Celtic traditions or everything else that grounds me is a part of me.

Describe yourself: I am passionate, sensitive and full of ideas. I love life, I love helping people with my knowledge and I dream of making enough impact on the world so that I can feel fulfilled every single moment of my life. I love to laugh, love and live. Life is amazing – it’s always changing, always pushing you to be more than you are now. I Love it!

How did you end up here? It’s been a long journey and there is far more to go. I started reading spiritual books when I was about 10-years-old. It was the time when my parents got divorced and my grandmother died before I could tell her that I love her. I was stressed, I was confused, I was scared.

So I read every book I could to find an explanation to the big question – where do we come from, where do we go and what happens to us when we die? I read, and read, and read. And then I stopped reading. I decided that I have had enough ready-made answers and it was time for me to start synthesizing my own truth. It was time for me to start living what I have learned.  It took years and it’s still an ongoing process, of course. But at one moment in my life I knew I have made a wrong turn.

In my teenage years I was drinking massive amounts of alcohol; my friends were smoking pot and abusing different substances. I would do that sometimes, too. I had a few romantic relationships that were not bright pink. I was brutally honest, I didn’t take people’s feelings in consideration, I was rude, I did everything that I wanted without thinking about the consequences of my decisions. My body was a mess, too – I would eat rarely and when I did I would binge on junk food. I didn’t exercise at all (“exercise” was a dirty word for me) and I wouldn’t care that my body was in pain.

Given the perspective I have at the moment I was not a kind person – but this was the disguise for my broken heart. I was lonely, I was scared, I was overly sensitive and I was a total mess. At this moment I decided to try and set things right. I had an awful and long relationship with a boy who abused me emotionally and I learned a lot about true love the hard way. I learned by contrast – I knew what I didn’t want and it was up to me to discover what I did want. We loved each other, but we both were very wretched, we didn’t know how to be there for each other, we didn’t know how to make things better. When it was good I could fool myself that I was happy, but when it was bad – it totally sucked. I knew deep down somewhere that he was not the person for me and I didn’t imagine myself with him in the future.

We didn’t bring out the best in each other, but we were very good at pulling out the bad sides. I knew that I deserved better, I knew that I should move on. But I didn’t  I was too scared and I wanted him to be someone that I can stay with. I knew that there is someone far more compatible for me, but I was so insecure to be alone, so I kept fooling myself that I was happy.

Our relationship ended up in one nightmare experience, so when I woke up in the morning, I left.

I left him, my old life and everything that I used to believe in. This was one of those moments that truly shake you up. Did I deserve being treated like this after all I endured in that relationship?  There was an ongoing constant violation of my boundaries – psychic and physical. But I allowed that, because at that time I thought that this meant to love. But it wasn’t love. So I asked myself where did I go wrong? What did I do to deserve this? What was I doing with this guy? Who have I become to allow to be treated like this? And finally: What had I allowed to happen? And I understood – I had stopped loving myself.

I had allowed for someone else to determine my worth as a person. I was always at his mercy – his mood and his whims. I was very aggressive, too, but who wouldn’t be after being so undervalued and abused? So, I was devastated but I was also determined to become a better person. I understood that no matter what kind of person He was, it was Me who had allowed all this to happen.

I didn’t say no, because I didn’t know any better, but still it was my responsibility. And I decided to face it and take care of my own life, myself and my feelings. Since then I am an advocate of self-love because I know how much it hurts, because I have been there. Because I know what it is like to always try to live up to other people’s expectations. I have heard the screams my soul made when I forsake all my options for a better life.

I was convinced that this is what I deserve, that I am not good enough to have something better, to live my dreams, to be loved and to have awesome friends who totally support me and a lover who adores me. No, this was pushed out of my consciousness – so deep down that it rarely emerged even in my dreams when I was safely asleep. In short, I have suffered enough to know what it’s like. I know that I have given everything I can at every single moment of my life, I just didn’t know any better.

I knew that I can be a great woman, but I was scared and I denied my true power to myself. After my insight I understood that the best I can do for myself and the world around me is to follow my own truth. But the only way to be there for other people as I know that my heart desires is to be there for myself first.

Now, I wear my past as a badge to remind me that it is my responsibility to love myself and that I am responsible for my own deeds and failures. I was wrong to neglect my inner voice and to keep my inner light from shining bright. But selling short wasn’t going to make the world better. I forgave myself for my mistakes and I forgave the other actors in the play called Life, who have hurt me at the time.

I am wiser now. Now, seeing all the changes I have made for a short period of time, I can’t even imagine where I’ll be after ten more years. I hope that my life will be filled with many beautiful experiences. I dream of growing, of becoming the best Julie I can be and helping over one million people grow.

That is how I started leading women circles; that is how the dream of this blog and my future book came out.  So, welcome to my journey, let’s share this amazing life together. Let’s be the supportive friends we all need to have and let’s make loads of miracles together! I love you with all my heart! Please, please, please use everything I know to make your life as blissful as you can! Feel free to share my unfolding path with me.

There is so much more to be written, so much more to be created, so much more to be shared and I will continue to follow my heart down the road. I am so blessed to have you by my side reading and sharing my story! I’ll keep dreaming and I will keep moving on. I’ll try my best to implement in my physical reality the Goddess that I am on the inside and help you all remember who you are, too.

Everyone has a painful story and it doesn’t matter if yours resembles mine or not. My story has given me the chance to grow and to be able to serve other women better. And I know that life is too short to live it all like that. Whatever your story is, you have light inside your soul that is waiting to shine out to the world. You are worthy of love, acceptance, self-esteem, confidence, making your dreams come true and everything that you know deep down is waiting for you to welcome it in your reality.

And the most important thing is that: Joy didn’t happen to me because I had luck, because some Deity has touched me or because I am privileged. It was something much more important – it was a CHOICE!

Remember that you have that choice, too, no matter where you are now. You do! It may not be easy, but it is possible. I am blessed to have you here!

Be a Goddess!*


* My business is based around women, because we have not learned how to use our power yet. Society has always taught women to suppress themselves and even now when we can take control back into our hands, we don’t know how to do that. This is why I work with women. My work is not anti-men, it’s just pro-women! Love ya, all!

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  • Anant Yadav:

    Hi, Julia.
    Its nice to learn your profile. I personally feel that it will be a great experience learning from you about life and happiness. Good luck and Regards.

    Its Anant

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